207 N 6th St, Opelika Alabama

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 8:15am to 4:45pm
  Contact : +1 334-737-6880


Vaccinations: flu, pneumonia, tetanus, pertussis, shingles, hepatitis

On site testing: strep, mono, influenza, urine infection, blood glucose, pregnancy, 11 panel drug screen

Physicals: pre-work , department of transportation (Brandy is a certified DOT examiner), school

Minor injuries: minor laceration repair, minor strain/sprains

Minor illness: colds and respiratory infections, flu, ear pain and infection, eye infections, urinary tract infections, strep throat, stomach virus, skin infections and rash, poison oak/ivy/sumac, allergic reactions, asthma

Occupational health care

B12 injections

The Clinic on Sixth

We are a convenient walk-in clinic with a family atmosphere prepared to care for your minor injuries and illnesses. We offer a variety of services, including many specifically for employers. Come visit us at The…